Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Magnetic fields of radial glial in Prenates: Mechanisms for a cortical dipole structure by VZ calcium waves

There are 6 papers in the pipeline for this as a PHD project, but this dense paper which has been peer reviewed is the best representation of the work so far.

Magnetic fields of radial glial in Prenates: Mechanisms for a cortical dipole structure by VZ calcium waves

Felix Lanzalaco (a,c), Wajid Zia. (a,b)

(a) Psychology Cares Scotland, Firdon Crescent , Glasgow G15, Scotland (b) Dept of Clinical Psychology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (c) Open University, Milton Keynes.

also available from NQ journal archives

You will find my meta analysis of primary cortical content in this paper. i.e.


Integrative Approaches to Brain Complexity
October 7 - 10, 2009


Seth Grant, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK
Nathaniel Heintz, HHMI/The Rockerfeller University, USA
Jeffrey Noebels, Baylor College of Medicine, USA

Note that maximal ionotropic asymmetry of Sodium (Na+) gating glutamate neurons and Chloride  (Cl-) gating GABA are distributed at the proposed temporal poles.  Although the scans of thomspon are pinpointing NMDA receptors which gate Mg+ these postsynaptic receptors come with the standard glutamate AMPA Na+ receptor, so highest density of AMPA receptors is still at the right temporal pole.  The highest density of all ionotropic neurons is at both temporal poles (exceeding frontal and parietal lobe), so if the schizophrenia image were adjusted (by fading in diagram above) for this what would be left is the the highest density of ionotropic neurons in cortex are reverse asymmetry for GABA (Na+)  / GLUTAMATE (CL-) at left right temporal poles (as in lower part of diagram above) NOTE: error in image left frontal lobe not highlighted for high neuron density

I would like to make it clear, that I can build a case for the dipole model without the distributions extracted here, and that I have always been open minded to complex distributions more common in neurons. i.e there are so many ion layers that the brain works on relative gradients rather than simple positive/negative charges is basic neuroscience. From a developmental view in evolution these bilateral radial glia systems arose from sea environments, where there is an abundance of calcium (radial glia) and sodium chloride.  It is interesting GABAA and AMPA receptors (the most plentifiul and ionotropic gate Cl- and Na+ into the postsynaptic membrane with equivalent but opposite voltages gradients.

Anybody familiar with the madelung constant for such salt structures will be aware just how equally balanced these ions are, even in solution.  We are finding more and more evidence that these ionotropic neurons are resulting in division / multiplication scaling power laws for inhibition and excitation which are more mathematical than hebbian in structure. My idea was that for a dipoles computational function to achieve exponentiation at either pole the very basic lateralized components would require basic mathematical principles to facilitate scaling on top of each other to build coherent convergent/divergent structures that would be useful in a large scale asymmetrical sparse coding computer. Along the lines of HTM, fusters cognits and Hintons Deep belief networks except its key to bear in mind the asymmetry has to over-arch these schemes as this allows the very powerful exponential functions of minimum and maximum descriptions recruited in universal computation theory. The cortex alone perhaps may be an induction machine which is linearized by the known linearization functions of the limbic system.