Sunday, 27 January 2013

Critique of Tony Wrights Left in the Dark theory

Not put anything up for a while.  Open University is keeping me occupied with math and programming, which will hopefully develop the computational models for my brain structure theories.    In meanwhile I found this lost critique I had made of Tony Wrights theory on the development of human hemispheres (my specialty !). Tony has a new book which again does not address my objections to the previous one, so here they are again.

For an overview of Tony Wrights projects.

I specialize in theory about how brain structure both develops biohysically and the resulting computational principles from this structure. My critique of his work has been re-covered from the following news article citing his video where I made these points to him in a discussion we had but these were deleted later, not by Tony it looks like, but the magazine reformatted all its articles and discussions were lost.

How the Left Hemisphere Colonized Reality Douglas Rushkoff at 7:10 am Sat, Oct 9

Word version of critique here